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Network for Women in Neuroscience

NEURONEXXT is a platform for female neuroscientists, initiated by the Collaborative Research Centre 874 (SFB 874) and funded by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

It is our goal to promote the career development of women in neuroscience, to facilitate gender equality and to raise the visibility and representation of female researchers.

While the number of women in neuroscientific research is growing, there are still comparatively few women in leading and senior research positions. Scientific progress, however, demands that the most excellent researchers climb the career ladder – irrespective of gender.

Women in neuroscience

The aim of our platform is to enhance the visibility of women in neuroscience and to help improving their career development. NEURONEXXT provides female neuroscientists from the postdoctoral level onwards with an international platform to draw attention to their research.

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Moreover, NEURONEXXT serves as a database for users who are searching for experts on specific neuroscientific research topics.

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